Drawing is for everyone! So whatever your age or ability, through simple approaches, these sessions are designed to open up drawing and offer something beneficial for all.

  • Returns September 2021, relaxed, fun, creative, online and open to all


Interested in a creative activity for your team?

As many organisations continue to work from home or hybrid workplaces, I continue to offer workplace drawing sessions. These private online group sessions start at £60 and can be tailored to your team - fun, social, wellbeing, regular sessions or an event. To discuss your requirements,

Sue Mann Artist, All that Remains 7 room

The only materials you will need are those you already have lying around your home.

"I didn't think drawing was for me but now it's a great way to relax, thank you!"


For selected collaborative projects working with partner organisations and the public, sharing my work, process and passion for drawing.