February 2022

Developing a visual conversation project with Holly Rowan Hesson.

Holly and I both make work in response to architectural spaces; Holly through sculpture and me through drawing. Having both worked independently up until now, we have recently started a new project, making work together to explore working differently.

The initial idea was simple: one artist makes a new work that interests them and shares an image of it on Instagram; the other responds to that image, making and sharing their response on Instagram; and so on, thinking aloud, like a shared sketchbook, a visual conversation.

Although we work on our own responses independently, as the project is progressing, it is interesting to note the patterns of our decisions and how the collaboration is developing, prompting further ideas and plans to transfer to a physical space.

Thanks to a-n The Artists Information Company, the development of this initial collaborative project will be supported as part of my bursary. I will be sharing progress via an a-n blog, 'Drawing out'.



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