June 2021

Testing installation ideas via 'micro' residency at AHH Studio Collective.

For quite some time now, I have been working with translucent paper, particularly pergamenata. I have a strong understanding of its material qualities; how it handles marks made by graphite and other media, how it responds to light and different methods of presentation. I understand its capacities and limitations; it's surprisingly resilient to work with and responds beautifully to light.

One of its constraints, however, is that it doesn't respond well to being exhibited for very long periods of time, without the protection of glass. To counter this problem, I have been experimenting with using sheer fabric instead. This has offered a satisfying alternative, as the quality of the fabric enables translucency and light, as well as fluidity, movement and stability, while retaining the quality of the drawings and mark making.

I am grateful to AHH Studio Collective for the use of their project space via a 'micro' residency to test installation ideas. This work in progress, 'Drawings we have lived', incorporates drawings developed from the 'Drawing Breath' series.



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