May 2021

Reflecting on my interest in architecture and drawing.

From a young age, I remember noticing how different environments felt, and later, being aware of how this can shape us, how we live and how we experience a space.

I am intrigued and fascinated by how built environents can influence how we feel, from the comfort derived from tracing familiar wallpaper patterns, or the wonder gained from noticing new shadows as they flicker across walls, to the sense of belonging from appreciating the rhythms of home throughout the day and the seasons. These experiences are often fleeting but they shape us and have been felt more intensely recently. It's not just at home we may become aware of these sensations and connections, it's in many of the buildings we encounter, although some may affect us more than others.

After quite some time examining different approaches, I have found drawing to be the most satisfying way to express my felt responses, both in terms of process and outcomes. Drawing in response to how architecture feels enables the sensory experience of a space to inform and influence the work in a way that is direct and intuitive, through reception and expression, and reveals unexpected responses that feel well founded.



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