Art Licks on North York Moors


Patterns and Atmospheres


Currently working on a residency as part of AHH Studio Collective to explore and develop new work, engaging with the site and surrounding area of Bransdale through the lens of Herbert Read’s novel, ‘The Green Child’.

Rhythms of natural light in architecture are constant and connect us to those who experience the space in the past. Chiming with the green child’s responses to light in the first part of the novel and inspired by Read's own account of first sensing the ‘patterns and atmospheres’ of life growing up nearby on his father’s farm, I initially produced a time lapse video that traces passages of light as they travel through an agricultural building on site.

Inspired by the video and working in response to traces of marks left on the fabric of the building itself, current work in progress comprises two large double sided drawings that interact with each other when placed in natural light. The title 'The Pattern that Emerges' is taken from Read's poem 'Moon's Farm'.

Patterns and Atmospheres Exhibited: Work in Progress Event, Bransdale, November 2022