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Autumn 2021 Course relaxed, fun, creative, online and open to all


DRAWING TOGETHER is designed to inspire and encourage you to discover how to draw your way. These online sessions are open to all, from beginners to practiced, and offer the opportunity to switch off from your day and do something relaxed, fun and creative. Ideal for • beginners, including those who think they can’t draw, to • practiced, including those looking to refresh their skills, for an opportunity to draw regularly or the community of drawing with others Dates • 5 session course over 10 weeks, Weds at 7.30pm to 8.30pm • Starts Wed 22 Sep, then on Weds 6 and 20 Oct, 3 and 17 Nov 2021 You will • learn how to draw your way, at your pace, drawing what you want, using the materials you choose • grow in confidence as you practice, develop ideas and build on your drawing skills • discover the creative and wellbeing benefits of drawing • enjoy the interaction and connection of drawing with others Fee Course fee of £60 (£12 per session) plus Eventbrite booking fee for 5 x 1hr sessions and includes video link to replay the session, sent afterwards for those unable to join or wish to practice some more. What to expect These friendly and accessible sessions will start with short warm up sketches that will introduce simple approaches, in preparation for a couple of longer drawings aimed at exploring each week’s focus, with the added convenience of online being you won’t be asked to share your drawings in the session. You will be guided through a different aspect of drawing each session 1. Introduction to drawing your way 2. Choosing what to draw and problem solving 3. Experimenting with drawing tools and mark making 4. Exploring surface and sketchbooks 5. Review - What is drawing for me? What to bring • Something to draw: ideas – plant, bowl of fruit, pottery, photo • Something to draw with: ideas – pens, pencils, chalks, crayons • Something to draw on: ideas – lined, printer, drawing, brown paper To start with, the only materials you will need are those you already have lying around your home. Over the sessions, you will be introduced to ideas that may inspire you to bring other materials to explore should you choose. For full terms and conditions, see footer below and for queries, feel free to get in touch at