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Drawing Breath series

2020 to 21

Two graphite drawings and cut out on pergamenata paper, double sided freestanding frame

30 x 30 cm unframed

'In great architectural spaces, there is a constant, deep breathing of shadow and light; shadow inhales and illumination exhales light.' - Juhani Pallasmaa, 'The Eyes of the Skin'

Initially inspired by material gathered on the Beningbrough Hall project (see Projects), a new body of work emerged exploring ideas that buildings breathe through architectural light and shadow. Responding to light and shadow from around the home during lockdown, 'Drawing Breath' comprised a series of double sided drawings on translucent paper that interact with each other when activated by natural light in the space.

Selected works exhibited: 'Definitions of Drawing', Sunny Bank Mills Gallery, Leeds, September to November 2021

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