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Layers of charcoal drawings on pergamenata paper, steel frame

Frame 205 x 55 cm | Drawing 100 x 55 cm

'We have lost our sense of intimate life, and have become forced to live public lives, essentially, away from home.' - Luis Barragan, quoted by Juhani Pallasmaa, 'Dwelling in Light'

This body of work is inspired by ideas on the impact of exterior light on interior spaces. With the blurring of boundaries between our exterior and interior lives, the work shines a light on preserving a sense of interior life.

Initial development of this work to explore drawing on a larger scale was supported by a-n The Artists Information Company while on a studio residency at AHH Studio Collective, Malton. Testing new drawing and installation methods while thinking about the shifting balance between our exterior and interior lives (work and home, online and offline), prompted ideas on the 'exterior' and 'interior' of the drawing.

Comprising layers of charcoal drawings on pergamenata paper, the work is installed to respond to natural light and enable a bodily experience of the drawings.

Exhibited: 'Open Artspace 2023', Old Parcels Office, Scarborough, February to March 2023

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