In quiet moments of architectural light and shadow, buildings reveal themselves to us, they 'breathe', and invite us to be still and listen.

With a strong interest in built environments, I make work in response to architecture through drawing to explore how spaces feel. I am inspired by how spaces shape us.


Handling material as a means of enquiry, I explore and communicate my intuitive responses to a space through the tactile action of drawing. I also work with other approaches, such as video and printmaking, to gather material and develop my drawings.

Recent works are inspired by architectural light, and comprise layers of contemporary abstract drawings on translucent material activated by light in the space. The layers of drawings interact with each other in response to rhythms of natural light, gradually altering the character of the work and revealing new aspects over time.

As well as selected works through my online shop, I offer commissions to make work specific to a client’s space, or projects working with partner organisations and the public. I also deliver drawing sessions to share the fundamental, universal and accessible nature of drawing.


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