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Patterns and Atmospheres


Project: Art Licks on North York Moors

Video projection

As part of a group residency in 2022 with fellow AHH Studio Collective artists at Art Licks' residency space in Bransdale, we engaged with the site and surrounding area through the lens of Herbert Read’s novel, ‘The Green Child’. This provided the opportunity to explore individual ideas and share responses.

Inspired by Read's account of first sensing the ‘patterns and atmospheres’ of life growing up nearby on his father’s farm, work began on a time lapse video that traced passages of light as they travelled through an agricultural building of interest on site.

Exhibited: Art Licks Work in Progress, North York Moors, November 2022
Photo credit (middle image): Rachel Deakin

'All life is an echo of our first sensations, and we build up our consciousness, our whole mental life, by variations and combinations of these elementary sensations.' - Herbert Read, 'The Innocent Eye'

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